Karen-Walker-Super-Duper-Sunglasses, Girl-Boss-Nasty-Gal, Chloe-Drew-Bag, Valentino-Rockstud-Poudre-Pink-Shoes

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5

1. Karen Walker ‘Super Duper Strength’: If I lived in Hawaii, these would be glued to my face. Granted, I should probably try them on and see how they look before making that statement, but based on what I’ve seen while perusing through Pinterest, I think these are going to be pretty flattering. They’ll also suffice when covering up any tears I shed after buying items 3 and 5 on this list.

2. Stone Cold Fox ‘Topeka’ Dress: This is such a unique piece. I just love the 70s vibe.

3. Chloe ‘Drew’ Small Chain Shoulder Bag: This little beauty is from the Chloe Spring 2015 line. I love the shape and color; it’s simple and stylish, yet still demure.

4. #GirlBoss: #EnoughSaid

5: Valentino Rockstud T-Strap in ‘Poudre’: Ahh, the Valentino Rockstud. What is it about this shoe that is so appealing? My theory is the price point and the mix of edgy elegance are what’s allowed them to maintain their staying power and endure season after season. The fact that they’re currently backorderd til April (yes, I was that close to clicking “buy”) definitely says something!


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