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Exciting News

I’ve got some exciting news: I’ve got my own website up and running! You can now follow along at TheFashoinToFollow.com. I can’t wait to hear what you think of the new look! A new post awaits. 🙂

Burberry Trench Coat


The happy secret to better work: A reading list


The key to success at work is being happy — not the other way around, says Shawn Achor (TED Talk: The happy secret to better work). To learn more about his positive philosophy of the workplace, meet the people who laid the groundwork for his thinking, in this list of must-read books and articles on happiness.

Learned Optimism
Martin E. P. Seligman
Vintage, 2006

“The book and the author that launched positive psychology.” You can also watch Seligman introduce this concept in 2004 in his TED Talk: The new era of positive psychology

Tal Ben-Shahar
McGraw-Hill, 2007

“This is a very accessible book written by the Harvard lecturer who turned me on to positive psychology.”

Give and Take
Adam M. Grant
Penguin Books, 2014

“This Wharton professor shows how giving at work can lead to greater happiness and success.”

Eat Move Sleep
Tom Rath
Missionday, 2013

“Chock-full of research findings on how to live a…

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The Biggest Lesson I Learned in 2014 & Goals for 2015

Top: Zara, Skirt: Nordstrom Topshop

Top: Zara // Skirt: Nordstrom Topshop

I hope it’s your best year yet. 2014 really was for me. Work was incredible: I learned and experienced so much, and traveled all over for various conferences and meetings. I also started to put an effort into capturing my style, primarily on Instagram – but as you can see, I’ve neglected the blogging aspect. With that said, the greatest lesson learned throughout the year is that you have time for anything you prioritize. “You have as many hours in a day as Beyonce.” was a quote I saw on Pinterest earlier in the year. What a simple truth. It sounds silly and obvious, but when I initially read that, it was like a lightbulb moment. It stuck with me. Everyone has the same amount of time: it’s what you do with it that matters. Life is about prioritizing. A big personal theme for 2015 is to prioritize my personal time more effectively. I’m an active person and don’t like to waste time, and find one of my biggest frustrations is wasting a weekend (when you work the full 40+, you really, really value your weekends! That’s one thing that I’m sure most recent college grads learn shortly after beginning a career.) It’s hard to find a balance if you don’t actively plan your time. Make every moment count.


Three goals for 2015:

1) Blog more frequently: Not gonna lie, I’m feeling a bit bold (or naive) by putting this resolution on my blog (how meta), because if I don’t stick to it, I will fail publicly… But it will hold me accountable! Bottom line is, I would like to prioritize my time to create more blog content. It takes time to map out your content, and sometimes it’s hard to choose to spend time doing that when you have so much more going on. On top of that, I am very self-critical, so if I create something and find an unfixable flaw, I won’t use it. I also have hesitations with putting myself out there. I’m not really a “private” person, but it’s a different level and concept when you’re making yourself accessible and capturing your everyday life for the public eye. It’s weird! With that said, the potential of good that can come from it is also endearing. But still daunting. It’s a risk I have to get used to taking. That’s part of the reason why I have a harder time with a blog format than Instagram. There’s an expectation to say more on a blog, which is challenging. To get used to that necessitates a mindshift. This is a public portfolio, in a sense. It’s an opportunity to tell your story and show the world what inspires you. Since there are a sea of bloggers, it’s easy to think, what’s the point of spending any time or energy on this when your only a blip on the screen? But this is something I’m doing primarily because I enjoy it. I want to capture my style and essence for myself to look back on. If you are an inspiration to someone else and they care to follow you along the journey, then that’s just the icing. 🙂

Fellow bloggers, what are your tips and tricks for prioritizing your blog? 

2) Make more moments: What’s on your bucket-list? Mine is filled with travel. (I have an unrelenting urge for international wanderlust). With that said, I live in Seattle, and there is so much to do in the Pacific Northwest, as well as up and down the west coast. I want to spend this year doing more of that. Whether it be exploring the Enchantments, going on a weekend getaway in wine country with girlfriends, spending a day with family in Leavenworth during Christmastime, or taking a summer stroll (or half-marathon… contemplating the SeaWheeze here…) in Stanley Park, the opportunities are only bound by how much time you want to spend adventuring (needless to say, this goes back to the underlying theme of prioritizing). Along with travel, I also want to spend more time reading nonfiction (I generally prefer nonfiction over fiction) and learning some new skills.

3) Do more yoga: This one doesn’t need much of an explanation. Plainly put, I need to put more of an effort into getting my om on, on a regular basis. No matter how much Lululemon you wear, it doesn’t compensate for actually doing downward dog. 🙂

I hope this new year brings you excitement, adventures, and happiness!

Namaste. XO.