This is everything: "So Kate" Louboutin Pumps, Red Roses, Chanel coffee table book, Paris notebook

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Fashion-To-Follow This is everything: "So Kate" Louboutin Pumps, Red Roses, Chanel coffee table book, Paris notebookHappy Sunday! I hope you had a wonderful Valentine’s Day. Just wanted to share a quick micropost before I head out for the day. Some of you may already have seen this on Instagram, but I wanted to share it here too: I got a pair of “So Kate” Louboutins on Friday. Thank you to Nordstrom. I’m feeling so lucky to have a pair of these beauties! They are apparently sold out right now. I can’t wait to take some photos in them. Gahh! Now I just have to figure out how to walk in them… ūüėČ

This is everything: "So Kate" Louboutin Pumps, Red Roses, Chanel coffee table book, Paris notebook


The happy secret to better work: A reading list

The key to success at work is being happy ‚ÄĒ not the other way around, says Shawn Achor (TED Talk: The happy secret to better work). To learn¬†more about his¬†positive¬†philosophy of the workplace, meet the people who laid the groundwork for his thinking, in this list¬†of¬†must-read books and articles on happiness.

Learned Optimism
Martin E. P. Seligman
Vintage, 2006

‚ÄúThe book and the author that launched positive psychology.‚ÄĚ You can also watch¬†Seligman¬†introduce this concept in 2004 in his TED Talk: The new era of positive psychology

Tal Ben-Shahar
McGraw-Hill, 2007

‚ÄúThis is a very accessible book written by the Harvard lecturer who turned me on to positive psychology.‚ÄĚ

Give and Take
Adam M. Grant
Penguin Books, 2014

‚ÄúThis Wharton professor shows how giving at work can lead to greater happiness and success.‚ÄĚ

Eat Move Sleep
Tom Rath
Missionday, 2013

“Chock-full of research findings on how to live a…

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How To Justify A Chanel Boy Bag

Aritzia Babaton Howell Wool Camel Coat  Chanel Boy Bag

Aritzia Babaton Howell Wool Camel Coat  Chanel Boy Bag Blue Rayban Sunglasses

Aritzia Babaton Howell Wool Camel Coat  Chanel Boy Bag Blue Rayban Sunglasses

Coat: Aritiza // Bag: Chanel

This outfit combines two of my favorite pieces in my closet: my Babaton Howell coat and my Chanel Boy Bag.

I thought long and hard about purchasing this bad Boy (you can see I mentioned it in my Fall Bag Lust List), but eventually decided to go for it. I’d wanted it for months, and after researching Chanel price increases, I wanted to get my hands on one sooner than later. So I put myself on a wait-list¬†and bought it¬†as soon as it became available. Am I happy with my decision? Yes. So far, I’ve only been using it occasionally, opting to use my¬†Marc Jacobs as my everyday bag. That’s counterintuitive to a cost-per-wear reasoning for purchase, but I’d rather lower my risk of damage and use it when it feels appropriate. The Boy Bag is the epitome of a statement bag, and I don’t want to make such a¬†statement everyday. I’m really careful with my possessions, so I know (I hope) it won’t get ruined. It’s a bag I’ll be happy with it in 10 years. After buying it, I’ve actually curbed my spending. It’s changed my perspective. I’ve more tight with my money: I’m not buying little things here and there.

Do I advise buying one? It depends: First of all, what do you want to use it for? Are you the type that would regret buying it down the road? How much do you care about the look and feel of your handbags and accessories? Would you rather have more accessories, or a few quality pieces?

Bottom-line: It’s a beautiful bag, and if you’ve been wanting one for awhile, save up and buy it sooner than later.

Onto the coat: I don’t have as much to say about it, except that it’s warm, cozy, and¬†perfect for brisk and sunny winter days. I especially love the ornate buttons!



Burberry Trench Coat

The Timeless Power Pieces


There’s something so elegant about a trench¬†that just ties¬†everything together so nicely. It’s a powerful piece¬†that never seems to go out of style. I’m all about classic, timeless pieces. You can spend¬†so much money and energy¬†trying to be on-trend, but when you buy investment pieces, you end up with something that lasts¬†— and saves you from looking back and cringing at your (questionable) choices (ahem, the early 2000s all-Juicy era, anyone?)!

Splurge on your capsule closet.¬†If you’ve been wanting something that you know you’ll eventually buy, don’t buy¬†a cheaper version just to save — if you end up buying the splurge, you’ve already wasted money on the mediocre.¬†I’ve learned that I would rather splurge¬†on¬†one really great,¬†long-lasting coat, than accumulate¬†10 mediocre¬†pieces that I’ll regret buying because they don’t do much else than fill a¬†closet. Less is more!